Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wine Tuesday: Moscato D'Asti

Moscato D'Asti is a DOCG wine from Beviamo in Italy. I have been having a hard time finding their website so I give up... or maybe I give up since I'm on the second glass. Though you know which one I'm talking about... the beautiful, odd-shaped blue bottle from Sam's Club.

I am not sure why but this was the hardest wine I've ever tried to open. The cork split in half. In half! So I popped in a decorative stopper that I bought to save for an exciting occasion. That one split too... maybe the lip of the bottle isn't designed right. Who knows?

The wine itself tastes like drinking old pineapple juice with a little bit of blubbly. It is very syrupy. Mostly I bought it since it was on sale and I know of another agent that owns a kiln and can melt it down into something lovely. Now I'm on the second glass, mostly as I have no way of closing the bottle back, but I really don't want anymore.


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