Monday, September 28, 2009

New Haircut

I could so not wait to show off the new haircut. I haven't had one from someone else in about a year and a half nine months (thanks Mr. Wonderful) now. It looks super cool since he straightened it with a hair straightener. I usually abstain from using irons on my hair, but it should have some serious waves when I let it go natural after the shower tomorrow. :)

  Here's the haircut slightly blurry and backwards as I am taking a picture with my phone when sitting precariously on the ledge above the stairwell to get a shot in a mirror.

 Here it is with my camera not backwards as I am using my super cool self photograph skills.

 Then I thought it would look cool if I took one in the mirror. Excuse the mess on my table I totally just finished making a purse today.

It really isn't that messy... hmmm... guess I need a backdrop or something in that nook.

Over all I'm happy. I hope Mr. Wonderful is... Mr. Wonderful?


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