Monday, September 21, 2009

Wine Monday - Baron Philippe De Rothschild - Pinot Noir

I could not find information on this wine on their website (a five minute search was long enough), but here is what the back of the bottle says:

"In the south of France, the Pays d'Oc offers an extraordinary variety of terroirs. Among them, Baron Philippe de Rothschild's winemakers have selected the best parcels for growing the Pinot Noir grape. Thanks to Baron Philippe de Rothschild's know-how and blending skills this wine, in its inimitable style, expresses all the richness of the Pays d'Oc: it offers a highly aromatic bouquet of red fruit (morello cherry, blackcurrant) and violet over a rounded, thouroughly integrated structure." (Back of the 2008 Baron Philippe de Rothschild Pinot Noir)

I was not overly impressed on my first glass last Wedsday so I though I would give it another go. It is a bit strong. It reminds me of hard raspberry candies and it has a beautiful finish that lingers. :) I am not sure that I would buy it again... I would need an occasion for it... maybe with some sweet cream and raspberries on the side... angel food cake... it needs to be combined with something...


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