Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Spending Month - Week #4

Sunday 11/8

Papa, Mr. Wonderful and I took a trip to the Dollar Tree to show Papa the new Home Goods section. Also, I had to get dog biscuits as bribes for our friends' dogs as we are taking a trip up to their neck of the woods and I would prefer to have happy chewing dogs than dogs slobbering all over me. :) Though they are some of the greatest dogs out there... I'll be sure to take some pictures.

Monday 11/9

After a rather fruit-less interview (I swear... no fruit of any kind) I went on a journey to check off some things on my to do list.

I was successful in spending less than $15 on a present my mother would love... $14.69 on a kittens and friends calender. She liked the kittens... and their friends.

Picked up the dry cleaning. For some reason my office prefers me to wear clothes.

Picked up a new dog collar. For some reason the city likes it when my dog wears a collar.

Fresh Market for lunch and blogging...


Thursday 11/12

I had to order some screen protectors to cover the face of my Droid (birthday present) as they (the Droid makers) did not provide a good enough original cover to last awhile. Used some pumpkin K-cups for my filler:

$6.07 (S/H I would have paid otherwise subtracted)

Saturday 11/14

Walmart: Shampoo and car air fresheners (seriously needed and the cheapest available). Then I bought bananas and liners for the slow cooker.


Bojangles for lunch for Papa, Alex and I... it makes all of us equally happy.


Total Spent this week: $36.10

That means $12.20 will be sent to debt pay offs.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Spending Month - Week #3

This was my birthday week so I was able to go out to eat several times with different groups of people.


10.46 at Bojangles for Lunch with Mrs. Ross


15.70 for Margaritas


8.39 for pumpkin coffee K-cups (bought with 20% coupon)

That puts me $4.55 over. I did not plan for this... guess I will multiply it by 2 and throw $9.10 towards the debt as a punishment?


My grandparents bought me one of the new Droids... which I've been playing around with.

Mr. Wonderful bought me a Keurig coffeemaker

And I paid off one of the 4 student loans... now I am down to 3.

And I know what my family is giving me for Xmas

The Janome MC6500. Mine comes with all of the feet, the quilting board, AND free lessons. How exciting no?


Monday, November 9, 2009

Fresh Market

I am totally sitting at FM eating a wonderful rotisserie sandwich and blogging from my new droid. Tonight I will be sure to update on the whole no spending thing. And yes this sandwich, handful of snack mix and cheapest diet soda they had is, in fact, coming out of my food allowence... as it is food.

I do have to purchase something cat related for my mother as she would not use and does not want something I make as she is one of those people that prefers store bought... and usually from the most expensive stores.

I am thinking clearance rack book of cats at b&n. $15 is allotted for it, can I do it... maybe if I can find the stupid question mark... it is hiding on me.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

New phone!

Seriously sweet. This Droid completely allows me to text from anywhere... and by anywhere I mean anywhere Verizon reaches... and yes... there is a map for that.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

No Spending Month - Week #2


$3 towards a tip for a lunch with my parents. (They're treat)


$9.85 Groceries at Harris Teeters.


$7.32 Groceries for my birthday cake ingredients (and yes... then I made my own birthday cake...)

That leaves $9.83 to go towards the debts.