Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Spending Month - Week #3

This was my birthday week so I was able to go out to eat several times with different groups of people.


10.46 at Bojangles for Lunch with Mrs. Ross


15.70 for Margaritas


8.39 for pumpkin coffee K-cups (bought with 20% coupon)

That puts me $4.55 over. I did not plan for this... guess I will multiply it by 2 and throw $9.10 towards the debt as a punishment?


My grandparents bought me one of the new Droids... which I've been playing around with.

Mr. Wonderful bought me a Keurig coffeemaker

And I paid off one of the 4 student loans... now I am down to 3.

And I know what my family is giving me for Xmas

The Janome MC6500. Mine comes with all of the feet, the quilting board, AND free lessons. How exciting no?


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