Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Spending Month - Week #4

Sunday 11/8

Papa, Mr. Wonderful and I took a trip to the Dollar Tree to show Papa the new Home Goods section. Also, I had to get dog biscuits as bribes for our friends' dogs as we are taking a trip up to their neck of the woods and I would prefer to have happy chewing dogs than dogs slobbering all over me. :) Though they are some of the greatest dogs out there... I'll be sure to take some pictures.

Monday 11/9

After a rather fruit-less interview (I swear... no fruit of any kind) I went on a journey to check off some things on my to do list.

I was successful in spending less than $15 on a present my mother would love... $14.69 on a kittens and friends calender. She liked the kittens... and their friends.

Picked up the dry cleaning. For some reason my office prefers me to wear clothes.

Picked up a new dog collar. For some reason the city likes it when my dog wears a collar.

Fresh Market for lunch and blogging...


Thursday 11/12

I had to order some screen protectors to cover the face of my Droid (birthday present) as they (the Droid makers) did not provide a good enough original cover to last awhile. Used some pumpkin K-cups for my filler:

$6.07 (S/H I would have paid otherwise subtracted)

Saturday 11/14

Walmart: Shampoo and car air fresheners (seriously needed and the cheapest available). Then I bought bananas and liners for the slow cooker.


Bojangles for lunch for Papa, Alex and I... it makes all of us equally happy.


Total Spent this week: $36.10

That means $12.20 will be sent to debt pay offs.


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