Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day at the hospitals

Yes. I did use plural there for hospital.

It started off with my mother rolling around in pain moaning that she could not take her meds since she had to drive herself to the hospital. I informed her I would leave work early to take her.

After leaving work and arriving home I find her still un-medicated but ready to go get her MRI.

As she cries our way to the hospital... over... *looks around*... she informs me she has not taken her medicine as no one was going to drive her to the hospital...

I go to the hospital gift shop and find her some Tylenol and get her some water to help ease it a bit.

The doctor did not fax over the MRI order like he should have. She cried... again...

I filled out her paperwork for her, checked her information, and spelled out her initials for her.

She is given a pink bracelet and announces proudly that it is because she's a female.

The nurse informs her it is because she's a fall risk.

She cries...

Thanks, nurse... that was a lot of help.

We go to sit down to wait for the MRI staff member to come and retrieve her. Once seated she becomes angry that the nurse considered her a fall risk.

Seriously... the lady who has been crying off and on for hours, isn't walking straight, is limping around on a cane, and is there to have an MRI of her feet... is seriously angry about being considered a fall risk. I inform her it's on her records from the last time she was here.

Then she becomes concerned that her shoes might have to be taken off since they have metal. I remind her she's there to have an MRI of her feet and the shoes AND socks might have to come off.

She cries... she doesn't want her shoes off.

After the MRI I push her around (250 lbs of her) around the hospital to make sure her pain pump is still turned on then walk her to the car and deposit her back off at the house.

Then I wen tot the hospital to check on Papa. He's doing much better. He'll soon be up and Sam's clubbing with us again.


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