Monday, August 3, 2009

Try something new Monday

Now let me start off by saying I usually do not eat pre-made meals. Usually if I don't have the time or energy to throw together a lunch at home I have an Atkins shake. What? A shake? Yes. I drink shakes, but only the Atkins shakes. They are low in sugar so I do not have to worry about getting sick from drinking them as I cannot tolerate sugar. I am such a lucky person you see. My body does not have a clue how to process sugar. So first I get queezie then if I continue to eat more or don't come into contact with some allergy meds I can develop fun things like uriniary tract infections, kidney stones. Yeah... I tried telling it what to do with sugar, but it still can't seem to get it right. I'm about up to 6 grams at a time now. Yeah, I'm excited to. Although whatever was in my burritto earlier is not cool with my tummy. Damn you yummy burritto.

Back to trying something new. My mother picked me up a ZATARAIN'S® Ready-to-Serve Blackened Chicken with Yellow Rice. As I was sure it wouldn't look anything like the picture on the front it sat in my desk drawer before I got up the nerve to try it. Yeah... I needed to get some nerve for this. Picture myself... the fearless secret agent... hesitantly opening this package. One of my fellow co-agents came up to me and said: "What's wrong Emme?"

And I'm all: "I am just so afraid this will end up tasting like catfood just as that Hormel ready to eat meal did."

She's all: "It's Zatarains it can't be that bad."

So I got some curage from that and made myself some Ready-to-serve Blackened Chicken with Yellow Rice... which that name, by the way, is wrong. If it is ready-to-serve I just need to take it out and eat it, but no... you have to microwave it first... though I guess ready-to-serve sounds better than hope-you-have-a-microwave-or-you're-going-hungry. That's a lot of letters... it would have cost them a fortune in advertising.

So I made my meal.

And I took a bite...

Sorry Zatarains I would rather eat some fast food than eat that again. The texture was gummy. The taste... horindous... and if you didn't like it when eating it... I so wished I had a toothbrush or a Whisp or something. It took 2 sugar-free cinnamon candies, a sugar-free pepermint, some over-steeped chai tea I made myself... AND a burritto and an iced-tea...




Oh yeah... I'm still tasting that stuff. So if you're looking for something quick for lunch as you head out the door grab an Atkins shake! They're pretty good, low in sugar, and they don't linger with you... forever.


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