Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hard day for a secret agent

Today started off as a wonderful day. Everyone was excited over my fabulous vintage find of a skirt... went out to lunch with some of the other agents. Generally excited over being told by my jefe that they are, in fact, going to keep me on as an agent and not to bother about asking about part time benefits as they were going to see about making me full time next week.

Then was the blow.

The agency manager took me aside and said that not only was I not part time, I was still listed as a seasonal agent. I apparently should not have been given that PTO I had applied for (and had been approved for), nor should I have received holiday pay for the 4th.

BUT they decided to "gift" me that time... yeah... that's the word they used. Instead, they said they're not allowing me to do admin work anymore while I wait for more missions to work on. I must just go home. That's going to cut me back at least 10 hours a week. I'm a rather smart agent... that's about $200 every pay I will no longer be getting. Personally, I would rather just pay them back for the time, but apparently seasonal employees don't have that option.

AND they won't hire me part time as they are on a hiring freeze... even though they hired two new people a month and a half ago... just not me I guess...

Should I seek a new agency? I don't know. I LOVE what I do, who I work with, overall my job. But I'm already squeaking by with all of my bills and I want to go venture off and find a home. I need benefits and steady pay. What do I do?


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