Monday, August 10, 2009

It might be time for a new navigator

On my way to a mission this morning my current navigation unit, Mio, had no idea where the street was that I was headed to. Google maps was for some reason convinced the building did not exist, but the street was there... just empty. I borrowed the bro's Navigon, Navi, and we got there okay... it just was not the same.

I missed Mio's soothing voice... Navi is just all robotic.

Mr. Wonderful says we might get matching navigation units in December. It's been 5 years with Mio now... I understand that he cannot be updated and is no longer very good at getting me... well... to most places... but at the same time...

I do not want a new "unit" I need a new "navigator." My companion as I ride along on my missions trying to get places and what not.


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