Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Musings

So I spent last night sick (again) with this whole "Montezuma's revenge" business.

Then I was munching on some stale saltines and I thought to myself... "I bet my little Fuzzy would like some."

And yes, I did give my hamster the name Fuzzy... he is, after all, fuzzy. Fuzzy is a little "Robo" hamster and as such has a brown coloring. He also refuses to be touched, the little bugger, is for some reason afraid of hands. He is okay with feet, they are relatively fun to run all over in the tub, but hands... super scary. They are not as scary when food is being handed to him through the cage bars, they're okay then.

Quickly I slide half of my cracker into the cage. Fuzzy quickly runs out of his hiding spot and starts shoving the cracker into his little mouth. Fabulous! I'm pretty sure the response would have been the same if it was a dog biscuit, some meal worms, or a bit of an apple... but it was just too cute!


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