Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vintage Swap - My half

I had the wonderful opportunity of taking part in a vintage swap. Swaps are one of my secret pleasures... I love to give gifts for no reason at all and then there's always the excitement of receiving something special in the mail.

So here is what I sent:

Here is the bottom shelf of a beautiful, lime green sewing box. The box itself is from a little old lady from Germany who used to live accross me on my street. The thread was one of the few I was able to rescue from the rest of the kit. The little little black box at one time held some sort of makeup powder. My great grandmother recognized it, but not enough to remember who produced it. The little stoneware goodies were exciting little salt and pepper shakers... no joke! I could not save the rubber stoppers, they were too far in a hardened state to cosider repairing. I would use cork stoppers to replace them. Here's a close up of the box and stoppers:

How exciting no? And on the top shelf?

Squares of vintage fabrics and some little leaf buttons (not vintage, but fabulous none the less...).

Also in the box:

Vintage sheets

Yummy little sugar dish...

Yummy little creamer...

One fabulous book

And a second fabulous book!

Shelly's wonderful package will be in the next post. :)


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