Monday, October 26, 2009

No Spending "month" - Week 1


Purchase of $10.99 for a Neti-pot for my nose since I have not been breathing with all of the allergens around. This falls under medical as the whole not breathing thing is an issue.


Gave Mr. Wonder $10 to put towards are portion of the dinner bill with our friends at Granby's Pizza (incredible white pizza by the way).

Yeah... I'm not going backwards... that's really what I spent... not including (of course)
Student Loan #1: $900
Student Loan #2: $30
Student Loan #3: $20.

I actually have 4 loans in total. It all started off as one and then SM just kept selling them to the Dept of Ed... and THEN the Dept of Ed decided I needed to pay for #2&#3 on website, #4 on another, and #1 I could just keep paying SM for.

Following my rules that's $20 that's going towards paying down the debts. I could have spent it on food and wine... or just wine... but I did not. I was good.

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