Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Spending "month"

It supposedly takes 40 days to form a new habit. Can 40 days really erase something I have been conditioned for over 8700 days? I was intrigued last year while reading Shopaholly's story of a year long freeze on spending.
A whole year would be a little much for this secret agent.

As I sit at Aroma's and enjoy my last few moments of needless spending (side salad and a Cafe Breve), here goes the rules (my rules, as in using someone else's will never work).

1. No needless spending... (sad for the expensive coffee habit)
2. Write down and hold off all crafting/clothing purchases. All purchases still deemed "necessity" can be purchased the after November 23.
3. Can still buy groceries (girl has to eat... you know); however, no more than $30 a week and any more than $30 is not rolled over, but put towards loan and credit card bill. This includes my wine for wine reviews (yikes!).
4. I still have to pay my bills (it sucks... I know) as no one pays them for me.
5. Expenses for shipping (cards, swaps I am already registered for, birthday presents, sales) is alright as they are prior commitments.
6. No more than $10 a week shop expense (not including Etsy's commission... I really have no control over the sale of my items). This does not include supplies for new projects, I have enough in the works to not purchase new for 40 days.
7. Sorry Mom and Grandpa Wonderful... your birthdays fall into the no-spend zone... you'll have to enjoy some handmade gifts this year... but just think about it. People pay for my crafts as it is... you should be happy with them. :)
8. I must blog about it. A girl needs accountability of some sort. The possiblity of billions of people knowing I slipped is a pretty big accountability.


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