Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chicken and Cookies Challenge - Week 4

I was totally excited to try Rachael Ray's Paella Burgers this weekend... then I looked at the instructions and it included crustaceans... though I am usually really excited about partaking in cooked crustaceans prepared by a restaurant or by someone I know has experience making them, I am NOT excited about giving it a try... for I am a germ-a-phobe. I see these bottom feeders for what they really are and if they are not prepared right it could end really badly... REALLY BADLY. Perhaps one day some benevolent soul will teach me how to clean and cook them, but until then... it's not likely to happen.

So in exchange for the Paella Burgers I went to try and make a spicier, heartier burger. I went with turkey sausage, ground chicken and portobello mushrooms. The flavor was there, but the texture was like meatloaf... and I hate the texture of meatloaf. On Saturday I remixed it. I took the leftover uncooked meat mix and slow cooked a beautiful tomato sauce all day. It was incredible sauce.

The cookie: scones. The scones I make are pretty much butter and flour... and chocolate chips. They taste amazing, but the fat content is a bit high and never sits well with me. Everyone else loves them immensely so I had to make another two batches over the weekend and they were gone by Tuesday.


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