Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chicken and Cookies Challenge - Week 2

Friday was Christmas! You should know this unless you were living under a rock for the last few months... or well... for awhile at least. So I needed to do something special for Mr. Wonderful this week.

Chicken: Dad Wonderful made an enormous free-range turkey (a chicken like bird) and I could not upstage the turkey with a chicken... because it would then have to be a VERY large chicken... and that would probably not be worth our while.

Cookies: Chocolate Covered Honeycomb from the Candy Addict

I had pictures to send... but apparently when I send pictures from my Droid to my email... if I delete the picture before I check the email it gets lost somewhere in cyberspace... Mr. Wonderful is totally going to have to fix that...

I could not find honey for the honeycomb so I substituted with 100% maple syrup from that farm by my uncle up in Maine. No one complained...

They did not end up looking like the Candy Addict's pictures:


In fact mine resembled turtles more and people compared them to chocolate covered caramels... where did my bubbles go?


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