Friday, July 31, 2009

Blogger make me organized!

Yeah... like that's going to happen.

For some reason I've decided to share the happenings inside of my studio... er... barn.

Had I been smart (and super cool) I would have had someone else ask me questions, but in the absence of a second person here goes:

Who am I?

Agenta M... Emme for short

What do I do?

When I'm not working at my exciting desk job as an accountant *cough* secret agent, I enjoy spending my time in my finished barn loft with all sorts of secret agent-ie stuff. Of course, I could be crafting... or just relaxing... you never know with secret agents.

What was I talking about?

I'm a small town girl whose small town has turned into a thriving city. Yikes! I work in an industry where I am for some reason expected to be cultured, disciplined, and for some reason... expected to dress in designer clothes... yeah... on my budget... right. Yeah... I wake up in the morning and think: oh yeah, I have to look pretty today. But I refuse to spend gobbs of money on clothes.

What is it that I do:

I thrift, I craft, I sew, I quilt, I swap, I cook, I drink (occasionally... for my health of course), and I spend time with Mr. Wonderful... there's also the whole trying to diet, exercise... and oh yeah... save the world from something or another. Yeah I'm bored with this post too... let's try for something more fun...


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